Hi All! I have been busy again this month!

I continue to hang out at the hockey arenas on the weekend, where I am always on my best behaviour. My family went away for a weekend, so I went to a sitter, and she took me to UofC for the day! She said I was really good and laid under her desk while she worked. When people came to talk to her, I waited until I was told I could ‘go say hi’ before I moved from under the desk, then went right back under!

We had been doing some shopping, and when we were at this Walmart store, I saw this stuffed guy dressed in a funny red suit. I have been told I might see a ‘real’ one this month!

We continue to work on my perch (which I love!), stand (which I also love), chin on the ground, standing on my perch and being patient for the treats to come to me and always the loose leash walking.

Submitted by: Melanie Bailey