Hi Everyone! It’s been another busy month for me! We have been to more hockey arenas to watch my hooman brother’s games. I have been practicing my ‘go say hi’ while I’m there. Everyone loves me and can’t believe how well I behave for being 5 months old. I settle pretty quickly on my blanket and usually have a nap. We also went to a restaurant and the mall this month. My raiser said I did great on both occasions! I met some ducks on a walk – they were in a backyard and came waddling over to the fence when they saw me. I was pretty curious about them as I have never seen ducks before. We were nose to duck bills trying to check each other out!

We continue to work on my loose leash walking, my sits, downs, stands and building my duration in those. I am also learning to chin target and am catching on to that quickly!

Submitted by: Melanie Bailey