Trek is eight months old and is doing great! He came with me to the dentist for the first time and was such a patient puppy. He also rode in the footwell of my car for the first time. It took him a while to get all 60 pounds of him (!) feeling comfortable, but he eventually relaxed. With the spring melt, Trek was hesitant to step in the mud getting in and out of the car. We had a fun time getting muddy at the off leash dog park and that helped him get over his aversion quickly.

At Zoom puppy class, we started working on “stand” using a platform. I lure him over the platform until just his hind legs are on the platform. Then, I start giving him treats with his head lower down to get him transferring his weight back and forth. Transfer of weight is important for good mechanics going between sit, stand, and down.

Submitted by: Karina Nickel