Hi, Everyone!

Wow, did April ever fly by fast? I turned 9 months old, celebrated my first Easter, wore bunny ears, swam in the ocean, suntanned on the deck, did some gardening…and, right this minute, the painters are here with their ladders. They keep popping up in different windows. So, all-in-all, I’d say life is good!

This month, I continued to work on building my “off switch” – especially in public places. This involved a lot of “going in” under things and hanging out without expecting treats. I’m fine with the “going in” part – it’s the “not expecting treats” that stumps me sometimes. Also, I’ve been reviewing all my skills (making them tidy) and practicing them under different conditions. In fact, I just now did a little training session while the painter was setting up his ladder and scraping loudly just a few feet away from my face. I wasn’t distracted at all. Our painter comes from a family of PADS puppy raisers, so, he understands exactly what’s going on.

I’ve also been working hard on sitting patiently when my favourite people and dogs approach to talk. This is where my Special Friends play such a big part! My Very Important Neighbour Susan (who knows everything about dogs and therapeutic riding) helps me practice on the sidewalk and, sometimes, surprises me by showing up unexpectedly at the house. She’s my absolute favourite, so, sitting instantly is a challenge. Down at the dog level, Tessa and Sally set a perfect example. As you can see in our photo, there’s absolutely no monkey business. I’m lucky to have such patient helpers.

Also, this month, I’ve been travelling about in many different vehicles and in all the different compartments. For a long time, I was pretty much a front-footwell car passenger. Now, I’m completely flexible – I’ll travel anywhere on anything as long as I get to come along. A plane, a train and a surfboard are still on my To Do List.

Did you watch the PADS Graduation?! I did. At first, I thought we were setting up for a Zoom Puppy Class, but no – on this occasion, I needed to practice my best “settle” ever. What incredible dogs and people and stories…I’m in awe. For me, it was inspiring to see how accomplished PADS Dogs are at both work and play (such terrific costumes and adventures!) I can tell from the photos that they genuinely love their lives and their people. I hope you had a chance to watch it.

Thank you so much for checking up on me. Until next month, love your life and your people!

Submitted by: Mikal