Happy 2023, Everybody! Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Thank you for coming by and reading my January report. I hope you are all as happy and healthy as I am and that your new year, like mine, will be full of new experiences and goals. I turned 6 months old two weeks ago, and already in this brand new year, I’ve had several “firsts.”

I recently had my first Assessment with my Raiser and Instructors at Home Depot. I had no idea what to expect, but now I know it’s actually great fun. Afterwards, the Instructors gave us important feedback so that my Raiser and I could go off and tweak my game. We’re already making good progress.

My biggest goals right now are all about this huge thing called “disengagement.” I’m the sort of guy who is always at the ready and really likes participating, especially with my Raiser. I would wear my Cape around the clock and help her with every single one of her curious activities. Apparently, that’s not exactly the plan.

So, I’m learning a lot about being calm and composed on my own. The Instructors gave us all sorts of clever ways to practice this – most times, I didn’t even know we were practicing when it turned out we were. Very tricky! In one of my photos, you can see me with my chin on the rug. That’s practice. Sometimes, I’m just pretending to be restful, but more and more these days, my chin rests down without even realizing it. I think that might be “disengagement” happening.

This month, I also attended my first official PADS Event at the VanCity in our neighbourhood! I’d walked past it many times, but this time I got to go in and spend time with the Staff. My brother, PADS Reef, was there too, along with 3 much older PADS pups-in-training. We were the youngest by far. It was a perfect day! The Staff really appreciated seeing PADS pups at different stages. I was on my best behaviour and received so many nice compliments. That always boosts a guy’s confidence.

I continue to go on a lot of field trips, including to the Mall. As you can see from my photos, the Mall is a perfect place to practice walking in crowds, keeping at pace on stairs, resting under benches, staying close & connected… AND getting my picture taken with huge Rabbits.

But, sometimes, my Raiser and I prefer visiting the duck pond.

Have a great year, everyone! Thanks again for checking my progress.

Submitted by: Mikal