Hi, Everyone!

Oh no, my first-ever June is already over! I had so much fun. I turned 11 months old, smelled the lavender and got a paddling pool for cooling off on hot afternoons. Plus, I’ve grown so tall that I also got another new kennel – it’s my 4th upsize in less than a year. So, I’ve got some pretty fine amenities going on over here.

Also, in June, I had my Adolescent Walk & Talk with the PADS Trainers at Lougheed Mall. I have to say, it’s more like a private field trip than anything else. I got to walk through the mall, past the kids’ play area, through a store, up a long staircase, through the food court, down a glass elevator, THEN, out into the sunny parking lot, over to a school, across crosswalks, through a park, past the spraying water jets with kids and dogs playing. The Trainers were hoping for a squirrel, but none showed up. That’s too bad. I come from a very squirrelly neighbourhood, so, they don’t phase me. Anyway, it was a perfect afternoon. My favourite part was when the Trainers checked to see if maybe I was a bit skinny because, at that point, I got to sneak in a quick cuddly greeting. Otherwise, I was in a strict no-greet mode.

On the training front, it’s been all about the Kibble-Free Public Settle. This was a homework assignment, and it came at a magic moment for me. I clued in during our first serious session and haven’t looked back. Why now & not before? I don’t know. I’m used to kibble-free times & places but have struggled specifically with the prolonged public settle without a few crunchy incentives. Anyway, so far, I’ve clocked two 15-minute kibble-free settles, a lot of 20 & 25 minutes, two 30’s and an almost 45. But, to be honest, the 45 was on the Aquabus roundtrip (we got on the wrong ferry by accident) and I did get one tiny kibble midway through when a human passenger shrieked with joy because she spotted a seal. (Thank you, Seal!) At this point, I’ve practiced my Kibble-Free Public Settle at cafes, bus stops, water parks, busker concerts, public markets, food courts, BC Women’s Hospital (see photos)… I’ve only dozed off 3 times, but I rest chin-down and exhale deeply every time. I’m getting there. Maybe, I’ll be ready for the Nutcracker by Christmas.

When I’m not out settling in the big wide kibble-free world, I really just like to kick up my heels and play.

Thanks so much for checking in! In a few days, our Cohort is having a BBQ with games at the PADS Campus, so, I’ll tell you all about it next time. In the meantime, hope you spot a seal!

Submitted by: Mikal