Hi, Everyone!

My first-ever May was hot and happy! I turned 10 months old and am officially an adolescent. My brown winter nose is turning black in the sun, huge peonies appeared in the garden for me to sniff and I tried to taste a bumble bee. I discovered that peonies smell sweet, but bumble bees are a bit fuzzy on the lips.

In training, my Raiser & I are working on toggling through my different energy & activation levels. We mix up high, medium, low and “calm cookie” activities so that I can practice making smooth transitions. And, as always, I continue to hone my relaxation, disengagement and listening skills out in the hustle & bustle.

Speaking of hustle & bustle, I attended two PADS events in May! First came Hanging Basket Pick-Up Day on campus. I love going to campus, where I can trot along the little paths and catch the scent of PADS dogs. Cela and York were there, too, and we walked through the rows of baskets and practiced our settling skills. I would follow along when my Raiser helped carry flowers to people’s cars. The sun came out and everyone was so relaxed that we stayed an extra hour.

A week later, I went to BC Distilled at the Croatian Cultural Centre. It might be my favourite PADS event so far. It was busy and fun with lots of new people to meet and interesting things to see. But it was such a happy environment and the perfect pace for me, so, again, we stayed longer than expected. I was on my best behaviour, walking through the display rooms, practicing skills and making new friends. PADS Raekin was there as well as a regal PADS working dog. Raekin & I had a special surprise when two very kind supporters brought us toy bumble bees and salmon treats. Once we got home, I had one last play session with the fluffy bee (see photo) before, poof, it disappeared. Anyway, I hope I can go to BC Distilled, again, next year.

O, and just this week, our Trainers took us on a great field trip to Burnaby Lake! I had never been there before. PADS dogs of all ages came. We practiced car loading & unloading procedures and polite trail walking. Also, we crossed a metal grate bridge with metal grate stairs. I was rather curious about the metal stairs, but I worked it out. Our Trainers are so supportive when we’re trying new things. Also, we saw horses! However, the biggest distraction for me was the goose poo. It interfered a bit with my listening skills when I was supposed to be practicing my “down” in the grass. But, really, who can blame a guy? Goose poo is magnificent.

Thanks so much for checking up on me! In a few days, I have my 10-Month Walk & Talk at Lougheed Mall, so, next time, I’ll tell you how that went.

Have a great June! Smell the peonies, but, maybe, don’t taste the bees.

Submitted by: Mikal