Hi, everyone! This is PADS Triton, writing to tell you all about November.

I DID go to the Sea! Last month, I told you I might – just to find out what my name is all about. Well, I didn’t exactly go to the Deep Sea, but I did go to the beach and play at the water’s edge. The beach is an amazing place! Because it was my first time there, a lot of things attracted my attention. After I got used to it, I practiced my skills right on the sand with the cold wind blowing on my nose. My Raiser thinks I was named Triton because the Sea and I have the same energy and sparkle.

So many great things happened in November. For example, I had my first Snow Day! My great idea was to eat it (that was my great idea for sand, too.) The snow went away pretty fast, but my Raiser says we’re getting more this week. Another great thing that happened was that I met a very special person for the first time. He was raised in the very same house where I am being raised! Now, he is a surgeon living in California and is very interested in me and everything I’m learning. We’ve seen each other on FaceTime many times. Still, there’s nothing like meeting in person and getting special rubs! On the day he left, I went to the airport to see him off. He was so proud of me and took many photos as I practiced my skills. I sure hope he comes back soon.

Also, I did one of my favourite things in November – I visited the PADS Campus two times! The first trip was to get a new Crate. I loved my old one, but it had gotten a bit too cozy (since I’m growing very fast.) The new one is very spacious! Thank you, PADS! On this first trip, I practiced my skills all over the place – in the driveway, along the walkways and in the little forests… My second visit was even more fun than my first. I went to get my toenail clipping checked out. My Raiser and I do it at home, but my Raiser isn’t as confident in her eyesight these days. So, we went to the special nail-clipping day that the Instructor-Trainers organized. Before that, though, I got to see Lydia! I was so excited that I forgot my manners, but she reminded me. Then, she unlocked the special Outdoor Terrace, where I got to sniff all the great PADS scents. I even did a little afternoon skills session out there with my Raiser, and my concentration was pretty good (if I do say so myself.) After that, I practiced my “This Way.” With lots of direction changes, up & down the stairs, along the pathways and ramps, and through the little forests. Finally, my appointment time came, and I got to see my Instructor-Trainers IN PERSON! I love seeing them on Zoom every Tuesday, but there is nothing like seeing them in person! I was a little star-struck. I dream of seeing them in person more often and getting all their advice and encouragement. Plus, they clipped my toenails nice and close (so I’m good to go for now.)

Thank you so much for checking in on me. Have a great December! Don’t eat the snow.

Submitted by: Mikal