Hi, Everyone!

Well, Summer’s officially over. Goodbye, favourite house guests and rolling in the sun on the deck. Hello wind, rain and towelling off by the back door. O and pumpkins! Hello, pumpkins and scary Halloween decorations! This is my second Autumn and I’m ready!

My September outings started with the airport, where I said farewell to Favourite People, and ended with the garden store, where I sniffed compost and posed with pumpkins. In between, I’ve been making my usual rounds to stores and cafes so that I can practice my polite social behaviours such as kibble-free “going in,” “doing nothing,” waiting patiently, staying close and (sigh) ignoring delicious aromas (like brownies at nose level.)

Also, I attended the official Grand Opening of our puppy class venue, the Christine Sinclair Community Centre. Well, I thought dinosaurs were extinct, but apparently not because there were about 5 huge ones (that moved!) at the Opening. Christine was there, too, but I stayed back so the kids could get photos with her. However, I did watch some basketball playing (while practicing my “settle.”) And I made a special trip out to Tsawwassen Mills Shopping Mall. What a perfect place for practicing PADS skills! There’s a train with a loud whistle carrying shoppers all around, kids riding overgrown stuffed animals on wheels AND french fries with ketchup on the floor. I feel sorry for whoever dropped those because I’m guessing french fries are quite magnificent.

After so much civilization, I really appreciate the forest and bog trails near my house! They’re rustling with nutty squirrels these days and beginning to show their Fall colours.

Thanks so much for checking in on me! In a few days, I’m going out to Burnaby Park for a small-group Trail Walking Clinic with my PADS Trainers (and a PADS baby puppy might be there, so, I may have to curb my enthusiasm.) I’ll tell you all about it next time. Until then, take good care of your french fries!

Submitted by: Mikal