June has been an exciting month in Advanced training – Calgary has had a few new faces added to the crew. Handsome Turbo has taken to university life like a fish to water! He’s proving to be smart, sweet, and eager to learn. When he’s not showing off all of the hard work his raisers Alex Watt and Lauren Hamilton have done to prepare him for a future job. He can be found wrestling with his brother Ranger III and his new best friend, Campbell. A big thank you to team Turbo! We are excited to see where his path will take him.

  • Skills being learned: Offered chin targets, movement skills, husbandry
  • Recent field trips: Off-leash parks, Sunridge Mall, Petland
  • Possible behavior challenges: Some body handling concern
  • Advanced training location: Calgary

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Turbo!

Submitted by: Miranda, Apprentice Instructor