Turtle has spent the month getting ready for his team training in the middle of August. He’s been working on skills like offering a middle position and doing a “hug” while laying across their lap. He definitely loves learning, so this part of his journey has been a walk in the park for him. His trainer Miranda is very grateful to the amazing community of volunteers that have made his placement possible. Congratulations, team Turtle!

Terrific Turtle is proud to announce that he has completed his pre-placement testing and has found a job!

Congratulations to the wonderful village that helped him get to his client.

Whelping Home: Joanne Madeo

Puppy-Raisers: Fred & Nancy Wade, Pam & Rob McGregor, Lauren Hamilton, Madeline & Troy Kapiczowki

Advanced Sitters: Carmen Kinas and Jenny Kinas

1st Year Puppy Sponsor: Scotia Wealth Management


Advanced training location: Calgary

Submitted by: Miranda, Advanced Trainer & Assessment Coordinator