My raiser says that my Mom and I share a lot in common, and not just her soulful lab eyes.  I really like food (slow feeder is a must!) and when I get excited I can “corn cob” a little.  I’m working on redirecting my nibble urges to other things that are soft and fuzzy.  I’m getting really good at carrying things around in my mouth – pop cans, stuffed up animals, rope toys, and shoes.  My raiser says it’s good that I just like to carry the shoes and that I have a very gentle mouth!  I’m also getting really good at trading what I currently have in my mouth to things that my raiser would like me to have instead. I’ll agree with her that liver treats are better than a teenager’s sweaty socks!  My favourite thing to do is to “chin” when my raiser sticks out her hand.  I could just gaze into people’s eyes forever.  My raiser says that the feeling’s mutual.

Submitted by: Adrienne Benediktsson