I’ve been on a little adventure the last two months – so I forgot to give you a Pupdate till now!  I’ve been staying at a new place, with new “sistas”, who are teaching me to be a little calmer around the girls (or anyone really).  We go for big walks everyday, and I sometimes get to see my “mom”, “grandmom” and “brotha from another motha”… so much fun!  See the pics: I’m the one in the middle (always in the middle!)
It’s not all fun and games. I do this thing called “work”… it’s just like a walk with my handler, but I wear a fancy yellow cape! Sometimes I even get to lie down and rest! Stores, physio, chiro, dentists… all such great people, I want to say hello, but I’ve gotten really good at waiting for my handler to tell me it’s ok, or, if I sit nice and still, I’ll get some pats.
Submitted By: Shannon Boucousis