October was an interesting month for Vista. We had two trips to Banff that involved picnics and hikes. He loved it and showed off all his listening skills. He got a lot of compliments for being so well behaved and, of course, for being so darn handsome.

We also had a Calgary visit that involved an awful lot of chaos and noise and getting squeezed by kids. Vista never complained. He is a great travel buddy.

Vista continues to impress by learning more skills. He likes to try something new for just a wee bit at first. As he builds his confidence, he will try longer. Once he has it, he will happily complete the task any old time.

Oh, and he met a new species last week. We opened the door to go for a walk, and a black bear was on the driveway. Vista was curious about the way the bear ambled off, such a strange way of moving he seemed to be thinking. As usual, he made no move to chase.

Vista thought Halloween was interesting. Our neighbourhood is very busy on Halloween night. We went for a daylight and a dark walk, met all sorts of interesting creatures. Vista took them all in stride, although the seven-foot inflatable dinosaur sure got the loooonnnnngggggg stare. I think it has been filed with the bear as things that move oddly.

Submitted by: Kathy