We are lucky to sit Wilma until she will fly away for new adventures in the US. We fell for her right away ! She is so adorable, but be aware she is the boss alright!

We are taking one step at a time. Working on Better Go, and trying to make her successful on not having accidents at home. She’s also working with the name game, Eye contact game, Touch cue, and Kennel game. Wilma is smart and eager to learn as everything seems to be a game with a treat at the end of the handler’s hand!

We are having fun at home, doing some obstacle parcours in order to walk on different surfaces. Between all these fun tasks, Wilma is sleeping a lot as a puppy should do. And we cuddle a lot! Wilma has no issue wearing her PADS vest. We did a few public outings, at ICBC, Polygon Art gallery and in a doctor office. She is very happy to see new people, wagging her tail so hard! So cute.

Way to go Wilma!

Submitted by: Vanessa