Hi there! This month for me has been busy once again! I’ve been accompanying my raiser every day on all her outings from the climbing gym, to restaurants, to movies, to my first-ever choir concert! I wasn’t phased at all by the singing and I actually found it quite relaxing! I might’ve sneaked in a couple of naps that were quite loud because I was snoring!

I also visited the dojo for the first time ever as my raiser does jiu jitsu. I got a bit startled at the wrestling but I eventually settled down. Another thing I did was my first Imagine Day at UBC. I was super excited because there were lots of exciting things going on. At Imagine Day I helped booth with my raiser and some sitters and met lots of other PADS pups!

I’ve also gotten to play lots with PADS Tio and PADS Taj this month! Lots of new things this month!

Submitted by: Melissa