Hi everyone! This month has been a sad month as I said goodbye to my best friend Tio. However, I’m so proud of him for passing on to the next stage of training. Congratulations Tio!

Other things that have happened this month have been many collaborations with other UBC sports clubs! I got to hang out with the men’s and women’s Thunderbird volleyball players and the women’s soccer team! I have had lots and lots of playtime with Taj and Tio.

I enjoyed my first Halloween and dressed up as a bee! I visited many pumpkin patches, and at the pumpkin patches, I saw all types of animals like goats, horses, and cats! Lastly, I spent some time with Camden, my trainer’s cat! I love playing with cats but I don’t know why they don’t want to play back. Silly cats, they probably just don’t understand.

Anyway, my month was sad because of Tio but was also fun as it was filled with so many fun events. I love being at UBC. I’m a proud thunderbird! Rawr!

Submitted by: Melissa