During January, Yarrow got to experience snow for the first time. When the first snowflakes started falling, I could see him working the air with his tongue, and then he looked at me with his big inquisitive eyes as if to say…..I’m not sure what this is, but I think I’m really going to like it. The next morning, there was over a foot of soft powder on the ground. Yarrow and his best buddy Timon chased each other and ran around until they were both exhausted.

For training this month, we worked on heel and side, as well as his recall. Yarrow loves to sit and wait while I walk a long distance from him, then when I give him a ‘Here’ he goes into a sprint to get to my location. It is part of his training, but to him, it is a game that he loves to play. Yarrow is now 10 months old and his training is going very well.

Submitted by: Brian