Though we only had Yarrow in our home for about 3 weeks, we all became attached to him. He quickly settled in with his new pack (5 humans, 2 dogs, and 2 cats) and learned the rules of the house. He loved going on forest walks and hikes with us, always returning to people when called. His excellent recall made going on off-leash outings with him a sheer pleasure as we were able to give him some freedom to run while bringing him back to our side with a simple “Yarrow; This way”.

He is extremely affectionate and thrives on pets and cuddles. He seems to love everyone and seems able to know just how to approach people so they feel comfortable with him. What really struck me was the moment when my son and brother were crying when they realized they weren’t going to be seeing one another until next Christmas. Yarrow made his way over to them and put his head in their laps (he somehow managed to put his head across one of each of their legs).

Yarrow is a lovely canine, and we feel privileged to have been able to share our home with him, even for a short time.

Submitted by: Austin, PADS Puppy in Training Sitter