July was a busy month for Zinnia. She attended a couple of PADS events – one at Willow Park Golf Course for the funding announcement (she was also in the official photoshoot, so watch for her there!), and one at Petapalooza downtown where she practiced being focused at an event with a LOT of people and dogs. Overall she did great. Especially for such a young pup. After the events she perfected sleeping in the front passenger footwell of the car which she’s very good at.

Working downtown means she gets used to the LRT and lots of traffic and people. She continues to be confident and takes it all in stride. During the hot weather, we learned Zinnia loves to jump in and out of the doggie pool and have the zoomies.

Zinnia likes to learn so is great to teach skills to, as she picks things up quickly. This good girl is also a bit mischievous – a lot of fun.

Submitted by: Cheryl