Zion had a busy December. She went on a couple of different ferries to Gibsons and to Victoria. Zion went to Granville Island to see Santa and to hear a very loud brass band and go to a brewery. In Victoria she went for walks all over the city and in and out of shops and restaurants. In Gibsons she went to a play where she had to be very quiet and not drool.

Christmas was fun with new toys and some family and close pals visited. The best thing about December was the snow and cold weather. Apparently sniffing and ploughing snow with your nose is a lot of fun. Running in snow is even better than in the mud. The old year ended with about an hour of local fireworks but Zion slept through them in her crate.

Zion’s new year’s resolution is to greet humans more calmly and with a little less enthusiasm.

Submitted by: Anne Vulliamy