Zion spent more than a month at a puppy sitter’s place between February and March, while we were away. She met cats, gerbils, guinea pigs, and kids. We came home mid-March to a full quarantine so Zion hasn’t had any opportunities to ride buses, go to restaurants, or go to work. Despite this, she’s happy that she’s getting a lot of walks, although she has not been to any dog parks or had any dog interaction for that matter. Zion’s loose leash walking skills and her “better go” rock!

Her job now is to entertain, cuddle, and keep her hoomans at home – except for healthy walks. Zion is great at settling under the sewing machine while masks get made and she is learning to stay out of the kitchen while the hooman stress-cooks. She is also learning not to dig in the Victory Garden. It has been an Interesting time for a wee dog but she has a great eye which the hoomans perceive as empathy.

Submitted By: Anne Vulliamy