Team Zion II is excited to announce their partnership! Together they have completed team training and are happily getting to know each other better as they navigate the world by each other’s side.

Zion’s Client shared that it was an instant connection upon first meeting:

“When I met my Zion, I knew she’d been missing from my life and that there were many phenomenal people who’d worked so hard to bring her to me.

In the early 2000s, PTSD symptoms derailed my life. Last October, I wondered if my symptoms were “bad enough” for a PADS dog or if there were people more in need than I, but Val assured me that I fit the criteria. After a few doggie blind dates chaperoned by Val and Margaret, I was matched with Zion!

Zion’s goofy, affectionate, and loves to play. She’s calm, focused, and the perfect co-pilot for me. She keeps me centred and present when I go to the gym, drive, and shop, and I’ve rediscovered hiking. I used to have to force myself to go out of my apartment. Thank you so much to everyone at PADS — from puppy raisers to sitters to trainers to donors — who has had a hand in raising this beautiful pal of mine!’

Congratulations to this wonderful Team. We wish you many beautiful hikes in the years to come.