Zion had a good month, as usual. She got her eyes tested. She got to go to some stores like IKEA, which were fun and where she got lots of attention. The security guard even asked to see her i.d., so Zion demonstrated how well she could heel and sit. She got to go to a couple of vaccine clinics, visit the seniors centre, go shopping at Safeway and Costco, go to the library. Mostly Zion likes to go for runs in the park with her pals. Their humans are always happy to see Zion because the dogs then start to run and play. This month, Zion is learning new tricks like dinging a bell with her paw, walking around a cone, and doing long touches with her nose. She learns so quickly because she’s really smart and knows how to get more kibbles. Zion is still the happiest dog and makes everyone smile and feel loved with her great eye contact.

Submitted by: Anne Vulliamy