Zion had a busy month. She got spayed, so she was subjected to a soft cone for a spell. Because of her surgery, she also was grounded and had to be kept quiet for only brief walks. She did surprisingly well at this new quiet regime. After her recovery, she got to go camping in the camper to Oliver and the Okanagan to see her human relatives and meet her dog cousins, Katie and Phantom (who used to be a PADS puppy). Zion went swimming (accidentally, to be honest), had a close encounter with a black widow spider, got to play with her cousins’ toys, and run around in the wild. Zion is learning the new Bucket game, which involves food, so it is fun. She’s also reviewing her roll, chin, and jump on cues. Zion is still the happiest dog on earth and keeps everyone laughing.

Submitted by: Anne Vulliamy