This month I started working with a new trainer, Liz. She does lots of interesting things that I get to do with her! I went to my first Superbowl party. My friend, Lily, kept trying to distract me but I knew that Liz would help me stay on my blanket. She would give me a treat once in a while and it worked! I really like Lily, but she does try to distract me, a lot. I also went to see the Anne of Green Gable’s ballet at a fancy theatre in Oliver. There was no one sitting in the row ahead of us so I got to lean my head and watch the ballet. Liz thought that I was adorable! Go figure!

Liz takes me on lots of walks and I am slowly, but surely, learning to walk nicely with a loose leash. Liz lets my friends participate in my training. (Even when I’m not ‘in cape’ I am expected to use good puppy manners when I am out and about). My friends, Lily and Jasper, told me that it was fun to practice with me. I try my best all the time and Liz seems to know this! Out of the blue, she will come to cuddle with me on the floor and give me a belly rub.

I got some cacti stuck in my paw on our walk the other day. Liz knew just what to do and her friend pulled the cacti out. I was a bit scared at first but Liz kept talking to me in a low, calm voice and praising me (so I knew I would be ok). I will continue to learn new skills next month. But I can hardly wait for puppy class next week, so I can show off how well I am doing.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the funniest thing happened. When we got home from puppy class the other week, Liz put tape on the floor. It’s to help me to remember not to enter the kitchen. I sure wouldn’t want to hurt anyone when he/she is cooking. The tape helps me remember, thank you, Liz.

Submitted By: Liz Zischka