Meet Sandy III and his new partner Brad! Brad is a third time PADS Client and has welcomed Sandy to his side earlier this year.

Sandy has been quite the traveling pup throughout his time in training. Sandy came to PADS through our participation in the Assistance Dog International Breeding Cooperative. Sandy was born at Circle Tail in Pleasant Plain, Ohio and flew to PADS to meet his raiser Alli as well as Pam & Rob in the Okanagan. Once Sandy was ready to enter Advanced Training, he joined #TeamVanIsle where he met his Trainer and his team of Advanced Sitters Nancy, Linda & Ron, Corry & Richard and Lorri-Anne.  During Advanced Training, Sandy learned task specific skills including how to retrieve dropped objects, open and close doors and much more in order to help Brad. 

Sandy was named and sponsored by Margaret Sandeman-Allen in memory of her late husband Peter.


Sandy's Pupdates

To read more about Sandy’s journey throughout puppy-raising, check out his Pupdates below.

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