Say Cheese: Team Queso

May 30, 2024

Queso is my fourth Mobility Dog from Pacific Assistance Dogs (PADS), he has seamlessly become an incredible sidekick, enriching my daily life in ways I never thought possible. His exceptional proficiency in physical tasks, like retrieving dropped items, adjusting my feet on my wheelchair footplates, and skillfully opening and closing doors – to name a few, has not only granted me new ways of independence but has also deepened the bond we share. Queso’s training by PADS is evident in his precision and reliability, a testament to the organization’s commitment to excellence.

Approaching June 2024 marks 20 years of my involvement with PADS. The journey began as a volunteer with my first dog, Leo, in 2004. I subsequently became a dedicated ambassador and fundraiser with my dogs Skyler (2011) and Rico (2017). Now, I take pride in being an employee in PADS’ client services department.

Queso, for me, embodies the trust and understanding cultivated through years of collaboration between PADS and individuals like me benefiting from these life-changing dogs. Like his predecessors, Queso symbolizes the growth and positive impact PADS continues to make in enhancing the lives of individuals with unique needs through their assistance dog programs.

Beyond providing invaluable assistance, Queso and I are embarking on the delightful journey of learning agility together. This fun and stimulating activity not only keeps us active but also reinforces our connection and mutual joy. In the harmonious mix of work, play, and enrichment, Queso represents the transformative impact of a well-trained service dog and the sheer joy found in shared activities.

A noteworthy fact about Queso is that before becoming a mobility dog, he served as a breeding dog for PADS and other assistance dog schools worldwide; he is the proud father of several life-changing pups. My deepest gratitude goes to everyone in Queso’s village, from puppyhood until now, for your time, love, and dedication to his journey. Without each of you, this extraordinary partnership would not have been possible.

PADS Leo & Skyler