The Story of Sif

As told by those that love her best...

As Told by Tanya

I happened to be sitting beside Chris Coletta at a wine function and overheard her talking about some PADS dogs; I immediately blurted out that I basically stalked PADS on facebook and if I won the lottery I’d quit my job and do nothing but work with service dogs.  I very generally mentioned that if she knew of any dogs that were retiring from the program she should let me know.

Within 2 weeks, Chris called to ask me if I was serious, because she knew about a dog being released. I honestly had to think long and hard about this; my old yellow lab Dexter had died about a year earlier and my heart still heart so much. But Chris was so excited about this 2 year old pup named Sif that I had to meet her.

I confess I have another reason for always scrolling through the PADS photos; my son Riley suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury when he was 17, (about 7 years ago), and is now permanently in a wheelchair. This motivated me even more to want to meet Sif.

And so… the meeting.  I went with my son and my daughter and we all just fell in love with little Siffie, we knew right away that if she loved us too, there was no question we would keep her.

She has become my constant companion, she comes to work with me every day, we hike together, we dance and play together, and around my children she is so loving. With my son especially, she doesn’t let him out of her sight when he comes to visit, including when he’s in the shower!  She goes out for walks with Riley and walks right beside his chair without pulling or pushing. She is protective of him, of all of us, and is constantly checking in to make sure we are ok. Although Riley doesn’t require a service dog, Sif makes a tough day in the life of a paraplegic a little bit better with her cuddles and wiggles.

I know Sif was waiting to find us, just like I was waiting to find her. She has healed our hearts and gives us nothing but love. I’m sorry that she couldn’t be a service dog, but I’m also selfishly glad that she couldn’t be too.

Thank you, PADS.

As Told by Teri

We visited Sif at Blasted Church last weekend, it was wonderful to see how easily she settled in. I don’t think she knows she failed, she follows Tanya’s son in his wheelchair everywhere he goes she goes at home or out on the trails. Tanya has taught her to retrieve things by name. The connection they have is beautiful, she was so excited to see Halo and I but kept looking over to Tanya.

Tanya said that Sif came along at a tough point in her life, that she made a huge difference, she knows when Tanya is getting down and does things like sneak under the covers puts her head on the pillow and just gazes at her.  I love this little dog so much and am so happy she landed where she did, with someone that can see past her quirks to all her goodness.

As Told By Momma Dog Halo

Sif was raised in the same home as her Mom, PADS Breeding Dog Halo.  Halo had this to say about her visit with Sif…

It has been over 3 months since Sif was released and moved to her forever home with the beautiful Tanya Martin. Teri, Rory and my hearts are still healing, but I was overjoyed to finally visit Sif and know for certain this was meant to be. Sif was thrilled to see us, but kept a close eye on Tanya at all times. I think she was telling Tanya that they are a team and she had no intention of heading home with us. I could also see in Tanya’s eyes there was no possible way we could sneak her back home with us. All you ever want for you kids is love and happiness, Sif has found it in spades.