Robin & Terry Bruder and Ty Brooks

Robin & Terry Bruder and their sons Ty & Spencer started raising in November 2014. Ty quickly discovered a passion for puppies and became Robin’s partner in all things “PADS.” They have raised 9 dogs for PADS. They served as Breeder-Caretakers for four breeding girls, starting off by donating the use of their own Golden Retriever, Tundra, then moving on to PADS Breeding dams Reese, Valentine and now Jazz II. They have hosted 8 PADS litters, one of which happened to be concurrent with Tundra’s fourth & final litter, and the two dams ended up with 17 puppies between them at the same time! Talk about a busy household! 

To say Robin and Ty (supported by Terry) are hard-working Breeder-Caretakers (as well as puppy raisers) would be an understatement. They delight in the training aspect of raising litters of puppies, even sleeping in shifts to make sure that their litters are trained to sleep in the kennel overnight – and man, do the Raisers who end up being assigned to these pups appreciate that! Robin and Ty train their pups to confidently complete elaborate obstacle courses to access their meals – check out the “PADS Ninja Warrier Puppies” video on YouTube, featuring Reese’s Calgary Stampede Litter, an obstacle course masterminded by Advanced Trainer Miranda Turenne and engineered with the help of a multitude of volunteers in the backyard of our other Breeder Caretakers, Dorothy & Kevin Root. Robin and Ty teach their puppies to “Mand” – to settle politely back on their haunches before they may receive treats. She also teaches them to go to their beds from 10 feet away and starts them on a “fold-back down” long before they enter puppy raising. We are in awe of their commitment – they put their heart and soul into the whelping program! Congratulations, Robin, Terry & Ty.