Nola Chanroux

The West Coast recipient of the 2019 Spirit of PADS award is the incredible and unassuming Nola Chanroux. 

Nola personifies the spirit of PADS – she puts her whole heart into everything she does. We’d be hard pressed to find an event where Nola is not there with pup in tow (we tried – we couldn’t!).  

She supports PADS in so many ways – whether it’s baking for the new clients in Team Training, curating spectacular gift baskets, making floral centerpieces for the High Tea, picking up donations, supporting breeder caretakers so they can have a break, reviewing hundreds if not thousands of pupdates – Nola does it all. She has a knack for finding a need and filling it. Pre-COVID, Nola was a regular office volunteer. She handcrafts beautiful blankets to raise funds for PADS and has gifted them to staff and volunteers alike that need a little love and encouragement. Since 2005, she has raised or advanced sat 7 PADS dogs (and puppy sat countless more) and is currently raising PADS Blaze.   

Nola is a valued spirit in her puppy raising cohort; she’s always eager to share, and puts in 110%. She loves her dogs deeply and wholeheartedly wants them to succeed. She has embraced online learning and never misses uploading her homework. Going fully virtual has been difficult for many of our puppy raisers and even though we know Nola would much rather be doing puppy classes in person, she has embraced the frustrations and uses each hurdle to grow and support her pups in their learning to the best of her abilities.  

Nola is also a valued member of the adoption team, assessing dogs or giving them a home until their adoption. Whether a dog stays with her for two days or a month, she falls deeply in love with them and the team always knows that that dog is being well taken care of during their transition.  

Nola is an avid camper, a knowledgeable gardener and a great cook and she excels at anything she sets her mind to. But her spirit is her most beautiful quality. Someone said that Nola has the intense persistence of a hearing dog, the gentle heart of a PTSD dog, the loving care of an AFD and the mad skills of a service dog.    

Nola, your constant love and unwavering support for PADS is truly inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible spirit with us!