How they are Moving for PADS

Since they are two members in Team Franz with different ‘move’ likings, they’ve decided to undertake different ‘move’ goals!

Sabrina will be climbing the Coquitlam Crunch staircase. She says, “Since COVID-19 started, my gym has not been able to provide group classes – which I used to attend 3 times a week – so I needed an alternative. Living right beside the Coquitlam Crunch, I eventually made the staircase my regular workout and to get a good sweat, I usually climb and descend the 890 stairs 4 times in a row. For the MOVE for PADS event, I have decided to climb the Coquitlam Crunch stairs 4 times in a row for any donation up to $40. If people want to give me a challenge though, I will climb the stairs 5 times for $50, 6 times for $60, 7 times for $70 etc. up to 10 times – I am only human after all!.”

So please, keep Sabrina moving and know that she loves a good challenge 😉

Leanne will be jumping rope every single day in the MOVE month of August. The starting goal will be to jump for a continuous minute and if she jumps for a full minute and adds on extra time, this will be the new baseline for the following days of the month. Having said this, jumping rope for an entire minute isn’t that simple so if Leanne trips on her rope, hits herself or just gets too tired, the minute resets! Leanne will only have 5 minutes to get to her goal of jumping for 1 minute straight. Leanne says “I know that there will be days that I won’t get to my goal which is I have decided to live stream my daily jump attempts and compete with you…the viewer, the donor, the supporter! If I can’t jump for the baseline time within the 5 minute given, everyone who donated in the previous 24hrs of my jump will be entered into a draw to win a 10′ X 10″ original oil painting. In other words, if you give to our team every day, you may be entering the draw every day…but I am hoping that I’ll have a few good days and be able to reach my daily goal every now and then.”

Art lovers, be ready to challenge Leanne and don’t cheer too loud as her ‘failure’ could get you one of her pieces!

Why they are Moving for PADS

“Franz was our first PADS puppy. He entered our home at 8 weeks and didn’t leave until the end of his journey when he became a VIP dog. We are moving because we are so proud of him and wanted to honor his achievement. This will also allow us to close this beautiful chapter and get ready for the next one….we heard that new puppies will be needed homes in the fall.” – Sabrina and Leanne

Ways to help

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TEAM GOAL: $1,500

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