Telus Cares

We’re tremendously grateful to the TELUS Calgary Community Board for recently approving a grant application to sponsor two VIPs to be placed with vulnerable children or youth in the Calgary region in the next year. 

VIP Dogs (Very Important Pets) are placed with children and adults with disabilities – whether these are physical or psychological.  They provide a loving, non-judgmental friend and in many cases act as a social icebreaker for children that are often alienated from their peers as a result of their disability. 

Huge thanks to Richard for joining us at the brand new PADS Calgary Training Centre and presenting PADS with a cheque for $15K to sponsor the two placements. 

Richard Milton, representative of the TELUS  Calgary Community Board, presented Wendy Proulock, PADS Calgary Development Coordinator with the cheque of $15,000 and got to meet some of our fabulous dogs (L-R): Rena, Fjord, Trevoy, Gucci, Burke, Tonka plus little Russet being held by Richard.