We have some big news, our PADS Burnaby campus has gone through a huge makeover all thanks to Telus. Its no secret that we were due for refresh, especially in the training centre where we hold weekly puppy classes, as well as train our advanced dogs each day. The training centre has taken it’s share of wear and tear as dogs learn to open doors, push buttons, turn lights on and off and open and close the cupboards.

That’s where the amazing Telus crews stepped up. They spent three days on campus, moving, purging, cleaning, painting, putting together new furniture, replacing floors. Telus love didn’t stop there:

  • Telus Vancouver made a $16K donation to support our VIP program
  • Telus Calgary made a $15K donation to sponsor two VIP placements in Calgary

We want to thank Telus for funding and doing these updates for us, they are wonderful, and will allow us to continue to train our puppies to change lives. The facilities are not only practical and functional but look amazing as well, and the support from Telus made it happen in record time.

Thank you for the makeover, we cannot wait to show off all of the hard work that you all did!