How they are Moving for PADS

This year for the “Move for PADS” fundraiser, Tia and Merlot are aiming to raise $5000.  For every $50 raised, they will paddle, board, row, ski, run, walk, or climb 1 Km.

Why they are Moving for PADS

Tia and Merlot are a PADS team, with Merlot being an Accredited Facility Dog and Tia being her partner at the Regina Police Service. 

“Merlot works for the Regina Police Service, based out of the Regina Children’s Justice Centre (RCJC). The RCJC is an integrated unit consisting of Police and the Ministry of Social Services. Together we investigate allegations of physical and sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults. Merlot has been at our centre now for 6 years and is an amazing addition. The comfort Merlot provides to individuals can not be done by any human.

Daily we see the positive effects Merlot brings to persons who have experienced trauma that most could not even comprehend. Merlot assists these people to find their voice and brings them strength to disclose about the most difficult things they have been through that otherwise they may not be willing to discuss/be open about.

We hope that one day, every Police agency can have a Facility Dog in their dept.”


Ways to help

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Get Your Move On

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GOAL: $5000

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