Thank you so much for registering for MOVE for PADS! We are so grateful that you have joined us. Not sure where to start?! Check out the tips below.

Tell people why you are moving for PADS

Cute puppy pictures are wonderful, however, what truly moves people to donate is often a personal story of why you are moving or what PADS means to you. You can share as little or as much as you like, but your personal “why” goes a long way. 

Ask Without Asking

We know that asking for donations can be uncomfortable so here are some ways to “ask without asking”:
  • Commit to thanking each donor with a cute puppy post. This not only sparks a snowball effect in donations but also goes a long way in making people feel good about their choice to donate to your campaign.
  • Make sure you include the link to donate to your page when posting on social media. This allows people to be able to donate quickly.
  • Put a post in your pup’s perspective. Earlier this month, one raiser posted on their dog’s Instagram account. Posts like this encourage others to donate without specifically singling anyone out:
    “Hey everyone, we seem to have hit a road block. Looks like my mystery machine is still only powered up to 4km. Hooman said she’s going to tackle 10km at a time so let’s see if we can continue to fuel up my machine so I can hopefully go for some awesome rides and feel the wind in my face 😊 link in my bio!” 

Encourage people to help in the way that suits them

PADS Chai made a great post last year  reminding people that donations aren’t the only way to help out the MOVE for PADS event. She reminded her followers that sharing the cause on social media or talking to people you know about the event is equally vital to a successful event. Posts like these go a long way to expanding the reach of the event and to remind people that there are a multitude of ways to support PADS!