Meet Tommy and his partner Darren. Together they work to make the school day better for everyone they meet.

Tommy was whelped in the Lower Mainland by Lori Gunson and family and then traveled to the Okanagan to start his puppy-raising journey with raiser Benoit. Further along in his puppy-raising journey he moved back to the West Coast region to live with raisers Ryleigh & Caleb until he started Advanced Training (and on weekends once he started). While in Advanced Training, Tommy worked with his advanced trainers to hone his natural talents that would develop him into an excellent Accredited Facility dog.

Tommy’s calm demeanour has an instant effect on all those around him. Paired with his willingness to make people happy and his ability to shake off the stress of the day, he was clearly a perfect fit as an Accredited Facility Dog with Darren.

To read more about Tommy’s adventures throughout puppy raising, visit his Pupdate page linked below!

Tommy's Pupdates

To read more about Tommy’s journey throughout Puppy-Raising, check out his Pupdates below.

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