Meet PADS Tony and his handlers Dannielle and Murray. Together they work in a the Customized Learning Centre in Coquitlam School District. Tony’s clients speak very highly of the impact that Tony has on the class saying: “A number of students seek him out when they arrive at school. I can see how connecting with him helps students ease into their school day and start with a lift in their spirits.”

Tony was raised in the Okanagan by a village of raisers including Karen, Stephen and Uschi and then returned to the west coast region to complete advanced training with PADS Staff and his advanced sitters, Ryleigh & Caleb and Antje. Tony was known throughout his time as a PADS Dog-in-Training for his smile and his calm demenour and he is nw using these talents to help the students at his school.




Tony's Pupdates

To read more about Tony’s Journey throughout Puppy raising check out his pupdates below.

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