“When I received Charlie’s leash from Director of Training, Ron Tymrick, I was at a low point in life. I was recovering from a devastating spinal injury and could not walk safely, nor pick up anything dropped. When I fell – which happened daily – I could not get up again. In bad weather, I could not even leave the house.

Overnight, Charlie changed all that. I became a “Renaissance Man!”

In puppy classes, Charlie had been called “Good Time Charlie,” and sometimes was a challenge for his patient puppy-raiser, Barbara More. Now, in harness with a job to do, however, he became a constant helpmate, companion, and a tough, loyal, ever-faithful Bracing Dog.

His life with me has not been easy. In Calgary winters, he has stood on C-train platforms ten times a week, waded through snow, slush, muck and vehicle spray, and has never flinched. He has worn out three pairs of Muttluks, and one PADS cape. We were proud when, in 2006, he was named Volunteer Calgary’s Volunteer Animal of the Year!

He is also very brave – standing firm in front of me in an encounter with an unmanageable cur on a street in Inuvik, NWT.

I encourage you to take a moment to read the quotes from other PADS’ clients who, like me, have benefitted and embraced life’s realities through a PADS Service Dog. Because of PADS I have continued to lead a full and active life independently with Charlie’s strength to help me.

Look around your own Alberta neighbourhood, and you will find volunteers, just like you, who help raise and socialize the puppies as they grow and learn. It’s likely that there is a PADS puppy-in-training or a Service or Assistance Dog working with a client like me somewhere in your neighbourhood.

It costs up to $30,000 to raise and train these dogs for a life of service. The bulk of financial support for PADS comes from individuals like you.

Please consider making a donation and help other people on the waiting list to live more independently and with dignity with a PADS dog at their side.


– Verne Trevoy and Charlie