How they are Moving for PADS

I am so excited to be taking part in the PADS Move 2023 fundraising campaign. Once again this year in honour of our PADS breeding dog Freya II, I will be climbing various sets of  stairs throughout the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland. Freya is presently tending to her third PADS litter the Mario Kart litter.  She has 9 beautiful black Lab buppies and my pledge is to do ten stairs for each buppy. So that’s 90 stairs every day of the campaign!

Why they are Moving for PADS

We know first hand the costs involved having raised puppies in training and helping to care for a breeding mama and her babies. Just the food supply and veterinary bills alone are staggering. As a non profit organization PADS could not do any of it without the generous support of donors and sponsors. And I am more than happy to do my part to help them with that. Because after all more funds in means more dogs placed and more lives changed.

Our goal for this year is to raise $750.00 to help PADS continue their invaluable work of breeding, raising, training and placing these amazing Assistance dogs.

Ways to help

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Veronica, Alcy and Freya

GOAL: $2000

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Get Your Move On

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