Volunteer Award Nominations

Volunteers make PADS the extraordinary organization that it is. Our volunteer awards are a rich tradition of recognizing our community and celebrating volunteerism.
Nominations have closed for this year — thank you!  We’re looking forward to announcing the award recipients at our all-region volunteer appreciation event on March 4th, 2023.
 The awards open for nominations include: 

Volunteer of the Year

A volunteer that has shown a remarkable commitment to PADS and our mission this year. Awarded to one volunteer (or household) in each region each year.

Spirit of PADS

A volunteer that demonstrates and extraordinary commitment to PADS and the community as a whole in their efforts to support PADS mission and vision. Awarded to one volunteer (or household) each year.

Juanita Valentine Award

Juanita spent a lifetime supporting PADS with ferocious tenacity, perseverance and love. This award is now presented only when there is a recipient that reflects her remarkable spirit and commitment. May be presented to any volunteer (or household) in any region.

Verne Trevoy Award

Verne Trevoy was a volunteer, a client and an extraordinary gentleman. He, with his partner, PADS Service Dog Charlie at his side, were the heart and soul of the Calgary program. Verne was single handedly responsible for recruiting countless volunteers, donors and even staff to our cause with his gentle yet passionate dedication. This award is awarded to a Calgary volunteer (or household) when there is a recipient identified that reflects Verne’s passion and dedication.