George Prevost

George became involved with PADS back in 2016 after he retired… but took on the role as if it was a full time job.  George has been an a puppy-raiser to three dogs, advanced sitter to 10 and has sponsored 6 dogs through their training.   

George is a valuable contributer to Tracy’s puppy classes, in person and virtual – he supports puppy raisers, does demos with his advanced dog and during COVID-19 has even recorded videos and gives puppy-raisers a glimpse into how what they are learning will be used down the road.  George has a passion for training, and is immersing himself in training programs to deepen his training knowledge and experience, with a desire to help pet owners in his community have a better relationship with their dogs through training. George is also the first to support his fellow volunteers and PADS clients – picking up dog food, running errands, giving other volunteers rides or taking a dog at the last minute.   

George’s soft-spoken good humour is a welcome addition to any event – where he is a frequent volunteer. Outside of COVID, George also does regular outreach with PADS dogs at Peak House, a residential treatment program for youth seeking treatment for problematic substance abuse. George also took the lead on facilitating an amazing program to help support the staff at the eComm 911 call center.  

George – thank you for all you do and the heart you pour into PADS each and every day!