Meet PADS Dorado

Meet Accredited Facility Dog (AFD) Dorado and his partner Kathy!

Together Kathy—a social worker—and Dorado work with children going through challenging times at the Sea Star Child Advocacy Center. When asked about how Dorado affects the mental health of those around him Cathy writes:

“Whenever a child may have been hurt, police and other helping adults need to speak with them to find out what happened, and how they can help.

Because of who Dorado is, and his specialized training, he is able be with the children so they know they are not alone. Dorado helps them to feel safer, which science tells us can soften the impact of hard and scary experiences and has huge benefits to our mental health.

Kids who Dorado supports in this way most often describe him, in their words, ‘He is kind of a cat-dog!’ because he curls up and snuggles with them as they share their story.”


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