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It is advisable that this current weight be maintained throughout the dog’s life.  Overweight dogs are prone to health issues.

Reason for release:

Home requirements:
Someone must be home the majority of the day.  As with all PADS dogs that have spent their lives in the full time company of their raisers, the living situation must accommodate not leaving Keats alone at home for more than 4 hours/day.

A stable home environment is required.  This includes regular exercise, grooming, veterinarian care, food, as well as other necessary supplies and equipment.

Adoption fee:

Released PADS dogs do not have public access.  Also, before release, PADS evaluates each dog for other working careers, therefore often one of the conditions of adoption is that they may not be used by other agencies for other working roles (some exceptions may apply depending on the reasons of release, such as volunteering as a pet visitation dog.)

PADS does/does not give approval  if the adopter would like to have this dog certified as a pet visitation dog.

Please note that PADS releases dogs from the training program because they do not meet ADI (Assistance Dogs International) standards and are not suitable, nor eligible, for certified assistance dog work due to medical/temperament issues.

About the dog: