• Registered Veterinary Technician
  • Experience with Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Sharepoint)
  • Ability to learn new computer programs (cloud-based database)

Hours of Work:

  • 10 hours per week, flexible hours
  • Some evening and weekend work required (monitoring emergency cell phone, breeding and whelping)

PADS Breeding Program Technician performs several functions necessary for the smooth operation of the training, breeding, and client care programs, as well as acting as a liaison between PADS and our veterinary partners to ensure PADS dogs receive a consistently high standard of care and our veterinary partners have access to detailed health records for our dogs and their relatives.

The Breeding Program Technician – Alberta works closely with the Breeding Program Technician – BC to ensure protocols and standards are being consistently applied and medical problems across litters, related dogs, or the program as a whole are being identified and addressed. The position reports to the Breeding and Puppy-Raising Program Manager.

Responsibilities, for dogs in the Alberta satellite region:

  • Oversee the medical care of PADS dogs at all stages of the program, including puppies-in-training, dogs in advanced training and graduate dogs, including:
    • being the primary contact person for volunteers with a veterinary medical concern
    • referring dogs for veterinary treatment when warranted, or advising appropriate at-home care per PADS’ policies
    • being the point of contact for veterinarians treating PADS dogs
    • receiving vet records and reports
    • maintaining each dog’s records in the International Working Dog Registry (IWDR) database
    • ensuring digital copies of reports are saved to each dog’s Puppy Data file on Sharepoint
    • tracking health diagnoses to determine which dogs are at a higher risk for certain health problems (e.g. monitor the incidence of ear infections, skin infections and diarrhea to determine if a dog has a greater allergy risk).
  • Ensure a smooth transition of dogs from one PADS program to another, and from PADS to other guide and assistance dog schools, by reviewing the dog’s IWDR medical file to ensure all vaccines are current, the dog is not on a Medical Hold and to identify and communicate any on-going health issues that require continued care:
    • Breeding to Puppy-Raising
    • Puppy-Raising to Advanced Training
    • Advanced Training to Placement
    • Any program to Released
    • Transfers of dogs between regions
    • Imports and exports of puppies and dogs
  • Take turns monitoring the 24 hour PADS emergency cell phone with the Breeding Program Technician – BC, and provide vacation relief for this position
  • Coordinate Panacur deworming, vaccines and other routine vet care for dogs in training
  • Perform fecal transplants (training provided)
  • Liaise with PADS’ Animal Welfare Committee and veterinary partners to establish and review protocol, facilitate treatment and foster good working relationships
  • Identify dogs with predisposing factors for various diseases and conditions, and discuss with Breeding and Puppy-Raising Program Manager vis-a-vis PADS’ breeding strategy.
  • Administer PADS’ Annual Health and Temperament Survey, distributed to released dog owners and graduates
  • Assist the Breeding Program Manager with tasks relating to reproduction, pregnancy and neonatal care on an as-needed basis, including:
    • Performing artificial inseminations (training provided)
    • Assessment of readiness for breeding
    • Scheduling pregnancy ultrasounds

Position has been Filled