To say that Caber had an enormous impact, both on the people he directly served and the Justice Facility Dog industry in Canada would be an understatement. From his placement in 2010 with Kim Gramlich, Coordinator at Delta Police Victim Services, to his retirement in 2019 Caber helped support 2132 Victims of Crime and Trauma, both in the courtroom and beyond.

One could write pages about the impact that Caber has had on those affected by trauma, but it’s probably best summed up in these few words said by many ” He was exactly what I needed”. 

Caber has earned the nickname of “the Dogfather” as he was Canada’s first Justice Facility dog and has travelled far and wide, alongside Kim, as they taught others about the amazing work of Justice Facility Dogs. Together, Kim and Caber Traveled all over Canada and the USA, even visiting the FBI together to share knowledge as their team developed their own Justice Facility Dog program. 

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Key Facts

Breed: Yellow Labrador
Birthdate: March 30, 2008
Sex: Male
Role: Justice Facility Dog
Partner: Kim Gramlich
Agency: Delta Police Victim Services 

30 Stories For 30 Years

“I could write a book about Caber.” 

The "Dog-father Retires"

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