Expression of Interest

Completing the expression of interest is the first step in letting PADS know you would like to apply for an assistance dog.  Please read this section fully before you begin as it will help you as you complete the form:

  • Please complete the form as honestly and fully as you can for your needs as of today. If your needs change in future, you may send an update to the email address we give you in the confirmation email.
  • This is not an application or a guarantee that you will qualify for or receive a PADS dog.
  • This does not put you on the PADS wait list, it does however put you in line to receive an application package when we feel we will have a dog for you within a reasonable time frame (6-18 mos).
  • Questions regarding the expression of interest will be answered via email (to the email address we give you in the confirmation email).

“Where am I in line?”

  • We cannot answer this question, as the list is not first come first serve.  So many factors affect the answer to this including your needs, dog supply, types of dogs coming through training (their strengths/weaknesses, etc)
  • We also cannot give estimates as to the length of time before you will be sent an application form.

About the form

  • The * next to a field indicates a required field, you will not be able to submit the form without completing this section.
  • The form is designed to be a screening tool, to help you determine if you would qualify for a PADS dog.  Our application criteria is not negotiable, and there are no plans to change any of our applicant criteria in the imminent future.  If we are unable to meet your needs, you will receive a message that points you to other schools or resources. While we understand that the outcome of your submission may be disappointing, we would rather you know now so you can pursue other avenues and options to increase your independence.
  • If when we receive your submisision we feel you will not be eligible for a PADS dog, we will notify you within 10 business days.  If you have not heard from us in that time, your submission has been added to our list of waiting applicants.