Meet Linen and her new partner Carlin. Together they recently passed team training and are busy getting to know each other and laying the ground work for what is sure to be an amazing partnership.

Linen was whelped in Calgary by Breeder Caretakers Dorothy & Kevin and then met her puppy raisers Sarala & James. Sarala descibes Linen as a pup who was always eager to learn, ready to work, eager to please and always always available to play and cuddle.

Linen stayed in Calgary to complete advanced training with her trainer Miranda and her advanced sitter Carmen. After completing advanced training Linen found her match and met Carlin!

We look forward to following this team throughout their work together and can’t wait to see their partnership flourish.

Linen's Pupdates

To read more about Linen’s journey through Puppy-Raising check out her Pupdates below.

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