Truffle was being raised and trained to be an assistance dog for someone with a physical disability or who is deaf or hard-of-hearing but in May, 2018, she was chosen for the PADS breeding program. It turned out that motherhood was not Truffle’s career path and in May, 2019, she entered Advanced Training in the Service stream. But Truffle’s strengths lay elsewhere and we’re excited that she has been matched with a client as a PTSD dog.

It truly takes a village to raise a puppy, and you can be part of Truffle’s village and receive monthly updates about her — all donations raised through this page go directly towards our veterinary care fund to ensure that Truffle and her puppies are healthy and happy. Help support Truffle today.


Breed:Labrador Retriever (Female)

Birthdate:August 8, 2016

Dam:CCI Alice VI

Sire:CCI Jules IV

Puppy-Raisers:Nancy Marsh / Elizabeth & Neil McLean

Program of Origin:Canine Companions for Independence (CCI)

Advanced Sitter:Ellen & Robert Proctor

Advanced Trainer:Lisa Davis / Margaret Hicks