This has been a month of firsts for Delray.  

Delray July1He has been to the mall a few times – elevators are no problem.

The C-Train was a little scary when it rushed into the station the first time, but after that it was OK.  Riding the train was actually enjoyable.
Delray has been to a few restaurants: TimHortons, Starbucks, Boston Pizza and Heritage Park.  Although he likes to keep an eye on his trainer, he is relaxed under the table.
The Farmer’s Market has lots of delicious things to smell…he got to practice “leave it” (mostly by finding the end of his leash)
He also took a trip to the airport…not to fly, just to hang around & see how line ups were. The visit to the vet went well.  Delray is healthy and growing.  He has put on nearly 3 kg in the 3 weeks he has been in Calgary.  (tipped the scales at 9.8kg).
But the most fun was learning how to take a selfie!
Submitted by our fantastic PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Vicki Wiseman